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    • Kettle Corn Popcorn Bags
    • $28.95
      Our rustic Kettle Corn is a delicious snack forged inside of a scorching hot, expansive, flavorful kettle. FREE SHIPPING IS INCLUDED! We cook in small batches which allows us to transform our caramelizing procedure into a work of art. We have chosen a carefully cultivated corn that, when popped, the intense heat from our kettle causes the kernels to explode...
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    • Flavored Popcorn Bags
    • $44.95
      Our six assortment package contains six flavored popcorn bags - your choice of flavor. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED! PRODUCT INFORMATION: ·This package contains six standard bags. Each bag has 7 cups of popped popcorn. ·Gluten Free ·0g Trans Fat ·GMO Free Popcorn ·No NUTS · Nutrition Facts available upon request. · All Candy Coated Items (Caramel Swirl, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cinnamon Bun, etc) 14...
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    • Custom Mini Event Bags
    • $30.00
      The Popcorn Cellar is now offering mini bags of customizeable flavors for your wedding, event or get together. Please call us first to discuss your special order! (239) 571-3761  Minimum order of 10 bags. Price shown is for a 10 Bag Pack We deliver on-time at no extra charge and take care to bring the freshest popped corn to your...
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    • Popcorn Fundraiser Packs
    • $27.95
      Extensive fundraising for small, local, charities is vital to their day to day operations. This is a great challenge to them, as their services and help are needed in the care of animals, children, health, arts, education and the environment. Our partnership with these charities leaves the fundraising to us and we give back $7 for each and every popcorn order. Let’s all...
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