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3 Bag Assortment Package

Product Descriptions:

Our rustic Kettle Corn is a delicious snack forged inside of a scorching hot, expansive, flavorful kettle.


We cook in small batches which allows us to transform our caramelizing procedure into a work of art. We have chosen a carefully cultivated corn that, when popped, the intense heat from our kettle causes the kernels to explode into huge, light and, yet still crunchy, popcorn with very little if not any kernel remaining.

Our next step is to add the sugar when the fiery heat from our kettle has reached a precipitous and every kernel is completely popped.

This process ensures every last piece of our tasty Kettle Corn is crispy, salty, and of course sweet. Our popcorn is also allergy friendly, and is forged in a nut free environment. Our standard size bags are spacious and hold 12 cups and fit wonderfully in our shipping containers. Consider combining with our caramel and cheese flavors for a delicious variety pack. Order your kettle corn popcorn bags today!

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